When you purchase a wig, it should complement the shape of your face. It plays a crucial role in styling and overall appearance. Most buyers find it difficult to know which style will flatter them the best. Wigs make you look younger and let you change your fashion. Buy from reputable wig manufacturers in India and match it as per the shape of your face.   

Working Out Your Face Shape 

  • Mirror – Stand in front of the mirror and check your face outline. Identify your face shape correctly and trace it for perfection. 
  • Photograph – Use a recent photograph and trace the outline of your face using a pencil.  
  • Measurement – Use a soft tape measure and start from the front hairline. Measure round above the ears and to the area where your neck bends. Go under the occipital bones and back round to the front hairline.  

Choosing A Wig As Per Your Face Shape   

  1. Oval face 

This type of face is narrow at the jawline, with a rounded hairline. The face length is one half time its width. It is an ideal face shape, symmetrical with proportionate features. Typically the forehead is a bit wider than the chin.   

With an oval face, you can wear any wig. All hairstyles complement this face shape. Buy from the renowned company for hair weaving and bonding in India for reliable products.   

   2. Round face 

Round faces have no angular structure, but the cheeks are larger. They are small and board to render fullness in the cheekbones. The best kind of wigs for the round are the ones that add some height and fullness. It flatters the cheekbones and elongates the face length. Wigs with off-centre parting provide for a great look. You can also go for wigs with a long hair length to enhance your style.  

    3. Long face 

Long faces are narrow, have extended length and width. The chin is pointed, with a similar width of jawline and forehead. The sides of the cheek and cheek lines are straight. Overall this long face shape adds more width than height.  

Go for a chin-length hairstyle that goes perfect with the long face. Opt for waves or relaxed curls to add volume and balance. Short hair also complements the short face. You can add some thickness with layers and soft edges.  

    4. Square shape 

Square faces come with a defined but wide chin and forehead. The forehead and jawline are of equal shape, width and proportion. Square faces have angular jawlines; hence you should avoid short, chin-length hair wigs. Wear wigs with tapered bangs and long locks. All this will help soften the sharpness of your square face.

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